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Tandem D Bag July 2014  

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On the stage
I spend 2 weeks in Rio de Janeiro to participate in a very diferent competition.
For me it was the first of this kind of competition and I was really excited. I did't train very much, we never tried before this kind of canoes, I had a new glider, and I never meet the team before.
But it was a great experience. My team mates were nice, funny, and very good people. And experience, in the hightest level athletes. I was treated like a princess.
vista chinesa
We were training the days before the comp with the canoe, visiting the city, trying to fly, walking around...
The Christ must be there
The competition was amazing. I was so nervous all the time, but was incredible how relaxed I was when I put my glider on the take off and go! Well, I have to reconize I wasn't absolutly concentrated and I forgot my timing, so I had to calculate my time in flight just by the feeling. It was strong wind for launch and we can almost touch the clouds from the ground, but it was very nice to fly there, so beautiful place. And I landed just on the spot with a good time so... I won!